About Zemaso

Private Bridge and Gap Financing on Investment Properties.

Zemaso engineers loans to the objectives of it's borrowers. For this, among other reasons, we have become known by those who do business with us as a highly creative and borrower-friendly private lender. Although we try to adhere to a common structure, no two of our loans are ever wholly alike.


Current general criteria:

  • Property Types: Commercial, Investment Residential, Land
  • Loan Amounts: Starting from $200,000 and up to $10,000,000
  • LTV (Loan-To-Value): Varies by borrower and collateral
  • Term: Up to 3 years
  • Position: 1st position (preferred), 2nd position. (We have closed loans in 3rd position in the past if there is substantial equity in the property)
  • Rates and Fees: Varies by borrower and collateral.
  • Closing timeframes:We have closed loans the next day when the title insurance and other documents were already in order and the value of the property was evident. However, we typically can close within 2 weeks of the loan request.

Richard P. Zaretsky

Richard has been an attorney in South Florida since 1976 and practices primarily in real estate, finance and business matters. He is a Board Certified real estate attorney by the Florida Bar. Mr. Zaretsky was a non-Barry University member of the Barry Telecommunications Board of Directors. He has been President of the Palm Beach region of the American Technion Society, one of the Palm Beaches' most successful fundraising groups, and has served on the local and national Board of Directors of that group at various times since 1989. He has been chairman of the Planned Giving Committee for WXEL, and has represented WXEL in various legal matters.


Max Zaretsky (Vice-President)

Abraham “Max” Zaretsky, is a native of Palm Beach County. After graduating from Columbia University in 2001, he co-founded Zemaso Management Company in 2003. Mr. Zaretsky has also arranged financing transactions for individuals and companies statewide and nationwide since that time. While managing Zemaso, Max also organized and licensed All America Reverse Mortgage as a Florida Lender focused on making Reverse Mortgages. He is an attorney practicing in business and real estate law. He active in various charities in the area, offers services pro-bono to Temple Emanuel of Palm Beach, and is the Co-President of the Columbia University Alumni group, Palm Beach chapter.